Gwyn Hanssen Pigott: a potters film – and other design matters.

This film from Creative Cowboy Films won the best contemporary film award at the Ateliers d’art de France international film festival at Montpellier in 2010.

“A documentary about ceramic artist GWYN HANSSEN PIGOTT. Gwyn is recognised as one of the world’s leading ceramic artists and is particularly well known for her series of still life collections of porcelain vessels. The film shows GWYN making, glazing and firing her work. The film also includes sequences of a wood firing and the unpacking of the kiln.” (Creative Cowboy films website).


Canberra Hanssen Piggot exhibition

Canberra – Hanssen Piggot exhibition

An interesting and quite different take on Gwyn Hanssen Pigott’s ceramic art can be found at this blog

in a post called The Not Morandi Affect – on “the proliferation of the Morandi effect/affect in contemporary art” written in response to one particular exhibition displaying “about 20 of GHP’s trademark still life ensembles, all encased in rather clinical plastic vitrines.  Unfortunately, in this display, it is as if the air, the space itself, has been sucked out of these plastic boxes, such that the potential of these forms to make music with each other has been vacuumed away into silence”.

Such hermetically sealed arrangements of delicate objects of art hold great appeal to the architect’s wife. They could be passed off as useful rather than decorative vessels. They pay homage not so much to Morandi as to modernist functionalism  – essential for architects’ homes. What joy to have a collection of objects perfectly formed rather than found, (the compensatory art of poor students and creatives) and so utterly understandable to keep them as installations, in order and out of reach in those clinical plastic display cabinets. To live the Dwell dream  – that paradox of struggling to stay alive in ‘design for living’ .

Natura Morta - Giorgio Morandi

Natura Morta – Giorgio Morandi

This inaccessible designer bath is similar to the ceramic vessels kept out of reach. The paradox of the still life of 'design for living'.  Maintain Dwell like perfection, save water, save cleaning.

This inaccessible designer bath is similar to the ceramic vessels kept out of reach. The paradox of the still life of ‘design for living’. Maintain Dwell like perfection, save water, save cleaning.


The Alchemy of Making

The Alchemy of Making

Still Life with Two Cups.
The work of ceramic artist Gwyn Hanssen Pigott from an exhibition The Alchemy of Making.

Primula animation

Eliza Rogers Primula Floral Styling

Click on Primula animation above to see a wonderful animation made by Shantanu Starick – posted on his Trade LXXXI – of The Pixel Trade Some of his images from the same Trade :


primula floral art workshop

primula floral art workshop

Palm Springs Holiday

palm springs desert modern house

palm springs desert modern house


Lloyd Wright

Lloyd Wright

Civic Centre Civic Centre
Edris e Steward Williams

Edris House – E Stewart Williams

freyAlbert Frey

Architects find some life/work balance when they holiday in Palm Springs. While the family can enjoy the sunshine, cool resorts and spas, desert hiking, retro shopping and golf or tennis, the architect can slip in a few drive by visits (and maybe the odd tour) to some of the spectacular examples of mid-century modern and desert architecture.

Elrod House, Lautner, Palm Springs

W B Yeats


Elrod House, Lautner, Palm Springs

Elrod house by John Lautner, Palm Springs.
Rock architecture in the desert.

“Minute by minute they live:
The stone’s in the midst of all.

Too long a sacrifice
Can make a stone of the heart.”

W B Yeats, Easter 1916

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living without white interiors

Similar style of interior - from same architectural tradition. Van den Broek - Bakema.

Similar style of interior – from same architectural tradition. Van den Broek – Bakema.

An act of resistance to fashion trends or to labor?
The curse of painting. The architect’s wife endures constant suggestions from friends and visitors who seek to fix the brown envelope of stained timber interiors and floors, rich chocolate brick walls.
Just paint over the tongue and groove walls, render and whitewash the brown brick, limewash the floors.

Safe enough

Safe enough

The relentlessly BROWN interior is so NOT HAMPTONS -NOT shabby chic. just modernist and…wrong.

Chocolate Brick

Chocolate Brick


Renovating your kitchen? I’m working on a splashmap instead of a splashback for the kitchen, using, behind the glass, prints of old real estate maps from the local area.