A jealousy of architects

We often generalise about doctors or teachers or architects, sensing that there are some characteristics that distinguish these professions.

But we seldom give them their correct collective terms.

At school we learn about

a swarm of bees

a gaggle of geese

a flock of sheep

a pack of bastards

a bunch of poofs.

At university, if we study English, we learn that the collective term for crows is a murder of crows and love to impress our friends with this expression when stranded in a car park surrounded by menacing crows.

In share houses we learn about an infestation of cockroaches and soon understand the concept of a drought of eligible women/men.

Later in life we learn about the professions. But do we ever learn the collective terms for these professions? The answer is no. Professional associations guard the professions and their identities, making it unpopular to utter such things as…

an audit of accountants

a smarm of politicians

a push of midwives

a arrogance of doctors

a jealousy of architects

The correct appellation can bring great satisfaction to those dealing closely with these professionals.


2 responses to “A jealousy of architects

  1. Indeed blogger, it is this fact that endows the Architect’s wife with a very special status. She may well be the Architect’s one and only true friend.

    This is essentially because among the professions, an architect is poorly paid. So the Architect is forced to do so much better than his peers in the profession simply to keep food on the table. He must work harder, be cleverer and be more successful. All this takes a lot of time and does not really allow time to develop and maintain friendships. Particularly among other architects who he will, unfortunately, be in competition with.

    So an Architect’s wife has a great responsibility of friendship to her partner. She should try not to be critical, as apart from the demands of the job, by nature architects are very sensitive people.

    It may help her to read the invaluable HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE 1950s STYLE. http://j-walk.com/other/goodwife/images/goodwifeguide.gif

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