Architects’ wives know architects are special people

Architects’ wives know that architecture is a special profession and that architects are special people. That is why they married them.

In part. The other part is that they didn’t think they could do better at the time.

They also may not have realised just how special the profession is.

Architects’ wives come to understand that their partners have to work long hours, overtime and weekends (without extra pay). They understand that architects are incredibly busy when they have lots of architectural work, and also grasp that this extra work does not necessarily mean there will be more money coming in. Architects wives have learned that those temporary profits, which are negligible anyway, must go back into the  business.

Architects’ wives understand that their architects will be just as busy when there is no work on. When there is no work the architects must work harder, getting involved in marketing endeavours and doing speculative work which is insanely time consuming, but is unpaid. The job that this unpaid work might lead to could be huge and the architect cannot afford not to miss this opportunity to please the potential client (The potential client always moves on to another project and another architect).

Architects’ wives understand that they are not be able to plan holidays because the architectural practice is likely to be busiest in holiday periods. Which is just as well, because they can’t really afford a holiday anyway.


One response to “Architects’ wives know architects are special people

  1. Architect’s wives must not have egos, because the architect has enough for the entire family. If she does have an ego, then it’s best to exercise it outside the relationship or the relationship will wither like the architect’s bank account withers on a grandiose project.

    She must also accept that the architect is ALWAYS right. About everything. Not just things like the correct distance between kitchen benches, the correct height of kitchen benches, but about the weather, the reasons for the French revolution and the price of petrol in 1973.

    You might ask what the attraction of an architect is for an architect’s wife given these rather unsavoury facts. Has anyone got any ideas?

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