No couch is better than a boring couch

Architects have taste. They would prefer to live without furniture than to live with ordinary furniture.

This means that architects, their wives and their families will often live for years in the half finished architect designed/built house, with few if any items of furniture. Less is more.

At the office, where the architect spends most of his time, the furniture is just right: chic and interesting, ergonomically perfect, and quirky.

At home where the family spend considerable amounts of time, there might not be curtains or blinds, because most of the ones that are affordable are crap. The windows are framed with the idea of those expensive special Italian or Scandinavian blinds, so eloquently described by the architect, as rationale for avoiding the cheap imitations. The house will have few cupboards: clothes are often stored in simple but tasteful, clear, stackable boxes.

There are not likely to be comfortable television chairs, nor a couch, nor a side board or television unit or coffee table, since these items are mostly boring and ugly. Unless such items are purchased from Space furniture store, which has tasteful but expensive pieces that befit the architect’s design sense. These are the pieces that the architect plans to buy. There is no point having these kinds of things when the kids are growing up anyway.

In fact it is usually when the children have grown up and left home, that the architect can afford to buy the kind of couch he always coveted and if his wife has hung in there, he may get to enjoy sitting on it with her, surveying the near completed interior.

Giovanni Erba Leather Couch

The idea of a couch, which almost occupies that large open plan expanse in the architect’s house.


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