‘Must have’ clothing items

Architects’ wives have a well developed design sense, and a strong aesthetic of their own. Most, however, will not have time to create their own garments, and will want to track down distinctive quality garments which speak of ‘design’ rather than ‘designer’. These garments must be different and ‘out there’ in some way. This generally means that they will be expensive imported garments, or garments from designers who specialise in catering for architects and architects wives (such as Easton Pearson).

They can be simple items which have a quirky structural if not architectural form, or ones which have a simple form and are elaborate in texture, pattern or embellishments.

This Easton Pearson coat has the essential elements: simple but dramatic – even architectural – form with interesting texture and quirky details. An architect’s wife can wear this, looking ascetic and frugal, while showing good taste and design sense.

It’s as if this Easton Pearson dress was made for an architect’s wife to wear to an architecture awards evening (special occasion). It has modernist primary colours, dramatic pattern and sequin details. but is simple in form.


Fabulous ‘out there’ creations from Easton Pearson….the EP end of season Sales are crowded with architects and architects’ wives. Left: a layered ‘multi level’ garment, like an elegant tower with a car park at the base. Right: an open plan dress.

It is ideal if the garment has some structural similarities to the modernist building – for example if the garment blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, and has a section which opens up like bi-fold doors, and folds back again. Folds are good, as are dramatic angles.

dress with folds – reminiscent of bi-fold doors.

Christopher Esber SS 08-09 RAFW

Some will have an intimate detailed area (which invites the eye/hand to linger) which is linked to a generous ‘open plan’ layout. Also appealing are layers that remind one of a split level or multi level structure.

multi level skirts

Antipodium SS 08-09 RAFW blurring the boundaries between inside and outside

open plan skirt, which includes a cosy intimate space which invites us to linger


3 responses to “‘Must have’ clothing items

  1. I enjoyed this one! This Architect’s wife has a preference for the label Metalicus. However, like some of the Architect’s designs, the garments have their limitations in a hot and humid climate.

  2. These clothes are too colourful for architects wives! Don’t forget the single, large statement piece of jewllery.

    • This is too true.
      But sometimes architects and their partners living in the tropics have more relaxed colour codes – and they may splash out and allow some shades of colour tinged grey into their wardrobes. See my post ‘brissos wear brights’ in http://lizfrombris.wordpress.com
      So so true also about the oversized jewellery statement piece. Barbara Heath ‘architectural’ jewellery is favored in Brisbane, as shown in an image on the ‘Functional Gifts’ post on this blog.

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