Architects’ glasses

Architects must have interesting glasses. It is  part of their signature style.

philip johnson

Maybe there’s a link between the architect’s love of sci fi and the wearing of unusual spectacles. Have you noticed that architects glasses look a lot like 3 D glasses.

3 D tv glasses

Often they look like 3D glasses from the 50s. These quirky glasses – like 3 D glasses – suggest the architect can see things differently. Other dimensions.

But what do they see? Solutions. The future. A better future.

And also the past. The traditions and counter traditions of great architects who changed the world.

Not quite dead people, but the burden of history is evident in those heavy looking frames.

They are actually feather light due to some brilliant technology that the architect will be happy to tell you about.

le corbusier - seeing into the future with those trademark glasses

The famous architect Oscar Niemeyer – wearing L.G.R glasses, Kartoum.

Check out this fun story  “Pay attention to your glasses” at this great blog on becoming a famous architect:

famous architects



Architects’ glasses often come in packages with glasses case and a distinctive bowtie. These will be worn together by the architect on special occasions and photo opportunities. For more on the architect’s bowtie see :

clever marketing: architects' glasses come with bowties





5 responses to “Architects’ glasses

  1. “Pei” should read “Phillip Johnson”. It’s ok though – I understand that for some we all do look alike.

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  4. A nice selection of architect glasses. Personally I like I.M.Pei’s rounded frames, they look similar to the Harry Potters specs.

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