Surrealist stools

The perfect chair collection may well be an architect’s dream. A matching set of danish dining chairs perhaps

Hans Wegner Wishbone chair

or an installation of interesting assorted chairs complete with iconic modernist pieces, some fabulous vintage finds and striking one-off pieces by artists and designers.

Chair designed by Humphrey Ikin: Furniture designer and maker Humphrey Ikin has been called ‘a pioneer of the new Pacific design’, which blends South Pacific symbolism with the functional qualities of European modernism.

But the limited budget may constrain even ones dreams. A more affordable option is to dream of stools. Stools by Starke, stools from Ikea. Stools made from old drawers. Anything interesting. Try telling your therapist that you’re dreaming of stools.

While the architect’s home may well be adorned with curious shapes and designer objects, architects’ wives will find themselves seated at cafes on rustic and improvised chairs. In fact when it comes to dining out, the quality of the food, wine and service is often in inverse proportion to the quality of the furniture. Architects’ wives perch on milkcrates and plywood boxes while dining in chic cafes with their friends.

simple furniture and fabulous food & wine at Crosstown Eatery, Woolloongabba

dreaming of stools- Desmond and Molly Jones cafe.


2 responses to “Surrealist stools

  1. I’m so pleased you’re posting again (even though it took me a little while to catch on)! I laugh myself silly at your posts and read parts out to my tolerant but not quite getting the joke Architect…

    • Thanks Sherdie – I appreciate your feedback. Good to hear from you! Yes, architects have specially wired brains that recognise spatial problems and formats, rotate these while exploring 3D possibilities, yet may indeed miss the (non-spatial) point. But a point is spatial isn’t it ? a location on a floor plan. Damn, the world is controlled by architects.

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