The romance of steel and glass

This portrait of architect Glenn Murcutt offers a clue to understanding architects’ love of distinctive eye glasses


One cannot help but notice that these glasses capture the romance of steel and glass, a combination that has enabled great architectural masterpieces of modernity.

Anthony Browell's portrait of Australian architect Glenn Murcutt, displayed at the Australian National Portrait Gallery

In the C19th cast iron and glass made possible the design and construction of vast buildings such as Paxton’s Crystal Palace, and great department stores that enabled shoppers to circulate freely around seductive displays of merchandise.

Paxton's "Crystal Palace", The Great Exhibition, London 1851. Innovative structural technology of iron and glass.

Galerie des Machines - Paris

Shinsegae Centum City - world's largest shopping centre

Lugner pedestrian bridge: Vienna.Architect: Bulant & Wailzer Engineer: Vasko+Partner Client: Richard Lugner A free hanging pedestrian bridge made of steel and glass enables direct access from the subway station Stadthalle to the Lugnerplex and the Lugner-City.

barton arcade - fine example of iron and glass structure used for display of merchandise

Galeria Vittorio Emanuele of Milan, one of the most remarkable covered galleries in Europe. Commenced in 1865, this iron and glass structure was built to connect the squares of Piazza La Scala and Il Duomo


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