The return of the repressed

Some architects eschew the bowtie completely, signalling their disdain for formality. Some want to keep well away from the shadow of the great architects of the past.

Many designers and architects have a strong aversion to wearing ties. Some go so far as to say they chose their profession to avoid having to wear a tie.

mario botta

This may run deeper than antipathy towards mainstream conventions; it may be to do with sensory issues (as with those experienced by people on the autism spectrum).  Architects may love texture in buildings and landscapes, but can go crazy when in contact with or constrained by textured fabrics. The signature architect look of T-shirt or open necked shirt under a jacket is not just a statement of style, but can be essential for sanity.

gehry - rarely seen in tie let alone bowtie

So the bowtie may be suppressed but not successfully.

botta design

botta stool - bowtie?

Many architects wear clothes or adornments that distinctly resemble the bowtie.

albert frey - bowtie substitute?

florence mary taylor - mobius fur replaces bowtie

a polka dot handkerchief in pocket - traces of the bowtie

bowtie like fold

and prefer to play with the spirit of the bowtie in their design work.

Bowtie sculpture outside Gehry’s disney cnncert hall in LA.

gehry's play on formality of concert hall

marques de riscal hotel

And of course utzon’s iconic (bowtie) building

The bowtie keeps popping up in architecture.

Architects’ wives have been known to serve bowtie pasta to architects in deference to their husbands’ special professional status.


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