outdoor shower

outdoor shower - calls devotees.

THe outdoor shower is a statement piece alright, but what is the statement?
Yes of course it’s saying something about simpler times – and reminds us of holidays at a beach shack, of cold washing off sand and salt, yet somehow always taking some inside and onto the couch and bed and sheets.

pebble backdrop

beach shack memories

The outdoor shower isn’t simple any more. We have to time ourselves carefully lest the public see a wanton waste of water in the midst of drought. They seem so fun – declare a  frisky ‘wildchild’ approach to living, Creative as in Mac (those indulgent suburban spa baths are PC). If the statement was a noun it would be an impossible one such as ‘insouciance’, pressed onto the page by one trying too hard to be writerly. Yet the architect adds the outdoor shower as if it’s an afterthought, or better, just a whim of the client.

In a home environment an outdoor shower is an ‘intangible asset’. It might nestle respectfully against a weathered stone, timber or tin outhouse or buttress wall, or rear its head above colourful mass plantings – but it is never too far from the outer edges of the indoor/outdoor space that defines the architect designed Australian house. Is more likely to lurk in the Australian home’s hazy subconscious than a snake.
The outdoor shower is the home’s punctuation mark – or statement jewellery.
For all it’s evocation of hippy care-free days gone by, the thing calls for discipline. And gives its blessings only to solemn devotees.



3 responses to “outdoor shower

  1. Hey! Really interesting blog post. The only problem I’ve had with outdoor showers is how cold they are! Especially as I’m from the UK, we don’t have warm enough weather to enjoy a cold shower

  2. love that first outdoor shower! my favorite thing about beach houses is the outdoor showers they tend to have, especially if you get to use them at night. showering under the stars? yupp, its as good as it sound 🙂

  3. Elizebeth Spraglin

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