I build therefore I am

If there is any consolation in philosophy, for those trying to come to terms with the existential impulse to build edifices, we can look to Heidegger who points out that our very basic understanding of being – I am – you are – is aligned with building and dwelling.


“The Old English and High German word for building, buan , means to dwell. . . . bauen, buan, bhu, beo , are our word bin in the versions: ich bin , I am, du bist , you are, the imperative form bis , be. What then does ich bin mean? The old word bauen , to which the bin belongs, answers: ich bin, du bist mean: I dwell, you dwell. The way in which you are and I am, the manner in which we humans are on the earth, is Buan , dwelling” (pp. 146-147)


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